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Hi fellow SOGR members.

I've known about SOGR for more than 2 years now... I started Rebecca's course about 1 year ago...I've read/listened to the book over 100 times now... BUT not until 1 1/2 months ago did I REALLY apply it's principals. Like Croz says, you must follow it's instructions to the T, and then you will really see it work. It's not easy, but if your desire is strong enough, it will's a science and cannot fail...

Well, I won't get into details but my life is changing before my eyes and today I have taken a major step towards my CMI. My passion for SOGR is increasingly growing and it's basically almost on my mind 24/7. I guess it's really starting to sink into my subconscious and becoming automatic.

I just wanted to give encouragement to all of you that are not seeing the results you think you should. Keep at it and put your full effort, heart, and passion into it!! It will not always feel pleasant but like one of the articles here by Brad Jenson says - "Exercising your will strengthens it. You can exercise it by doing something unpleasant until it becomes pleasant."

And I cannot emphasize enough about inspired action. Don't get lazy! Yes, SOGR should be fun and exciting but you need to remember Wattle's teaching -

"Every day is either a successful day or a day of failure; and it is the successful days which get you what you want. If everyday is a failure, you can never get rich; while if every day is a success, you cannot fail to get rich.
If there is something that may be done today, and you do not do it, you have failed in so far as that thing is concerned; and the consequences may be more disastrous than you imagine.
You cannot foresee the results of even the most trivial act; you do not know the workings of all the forces that have been set moving in your behalf. Much may be depending on your doing some simple act; it may be the very thing which is to open the door of opportunity to very great possibilities. You can never know all the combinations which Supreme Intelligence is making for you in the world of things and of things and of human affairs; your neglect or failure to do some small thing may cause a long delay in getting what you want.
Do, every day, ALL that can be done that day. "

Well, I just wanted to thank all of you for your support and wisdom. I especially want to thank Jan (Thank You) for I feel like we are on this journey together. Thanks to Rebecca for this website and forum.

I will post again when I reach another milestone!

Persistence is the key to unlock all doors.
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Hi Alan,

I am learning from experience to drop the word "failure" from my dictionary, instead, I see every event as an event to learn and grow. On ths surface of things it may appear as failure, yet there is a wonderful concept that Ramexh Belsekar puts forth in his book, 'Explorations Into The Eternal" and when I look at how I can change this around, via my thinking then this becomes relevant.

In short, he puts forth that at a certain level of magnification things appear a particular way eg. if you were to put a leaf under a microscope at one level of magnification that leaf would have the outline of a leaf, yet as we intensify the magnification, we get to look at that very same leaf from its cellular level which looks completely different.

What he continues to say, is that at a certain level if you were to view the human body under a high powered microscope it would look totally harmonious, if you changed the level of magnification it may look completely chaotic, as if there is a war occurring within the cells, and if you change the magnification again you would see something totally different.

Hence in regards to failure, when I look from my "little" life, as a human, it looks a particular way, I get disappointed when I fail at a particular task or exercise or CMI that I have been focusing on, but intensify the magnification and one sees that in actual fact my failure is actually a success, it is just not manifest yet.

Blessings and I enjoyed your post.
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Congratulations Alan W!
I know your life is starting to be more wonderful, full of joy and beatiful things and experiencies.
Thank's for sharing... and keep on...
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Hi Allen W. and fellow travelers on the SOGR highway.

Thank you for this post - looks like you are getting some A-ha moments.

I to had read the book earlier - about 1 1/2 years ago, didn't think that I needed to take the course until November - Signed up but didn't do anything with it until January. Now I live, eat, breathe SOGR, in all of my leisure time and it is with me in all of my working time as well.

Big things are happening in my life as well!!

Be good to yourself and expect success!!

Tom Strong

Be good to yourself, live life passionately and always, always expect success!! I don't know how long I will live, but I'll live until I die!!

Tom Strong
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Thank You Alan W.

For I too, have been listening to the 'book' I lost count how many times. I too am begining to "think and act in a certain way"..I don't know, I just do act that thinking of people getting the same as I or even more. Looking for the best in people. Doing all I can do in one day and doing it to the best of my ability. I find myself blessing people and being nicer to people. And I practice and acquired an attitude of gratitude daily. As far as my MCI, well I see glimps of it..and I somehow know that it is attributed to SOGR..THANKS AGAIN TO REBECCA AND WALLY.

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